Day and Night Blinds

Our day and night blinds create an instant visual impact to any window. 

Designed for the needs of the modern and contemporary home, these clever blinds provide the ideal balance between light, shade and privacy. 

We have blinds to suit all tastes with an impressive range of fabrics, from soft muted tones to textured woven effects and light sheer materials.

very large horizontal blinds next to a kitchen area

Suitable for Every Need

Day and night blinds feature a deceptively simple design. 

They are made from two layers of fabric that can be lined up in the way you want to make either a solid blackout blind, a transparent voile or something between the two. 

Using a double layer of sliding horizontal stripes means that you can effectively control the amount of light and privacy of your room. 

Even on the rainiest of Welsh days, you can make the most of the natural light, enjoying views outside, whilst relaxing in the privacy of your home. 

On bright days, these luxury blinds also help to reduce glare.

Features of Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds combine the features of traditional roller blinds and the advantages of Venetian blinds to offer you ultimate control of the light and privacy in your home. 

They consist of opaque and translucent striped material layers, which slide past each other to create varying light intensities. 

They are as easy to use as a classic roller blind – simply align the stripes for a ‘day’ effect or align them the opposite way for a ‘night’ effect. 

Of course, our day and night blinds can also be rolled up to the top in the same way as any normal roller blind. 

All our blinds have been tested to the most recent safety standards.

Luxury Blinds that also make Economical Sense

In winter, you might choose to keep your day and night blinds down throughout the day as the extra layer of insulation can help to lower heating bills, whilst still allowing daylight in. 

In summer, day and night blinds can even help to reduce the cost of air conditioning as they prevent the temperature of the room from rising too much – throughout the year, day and night blinds are cost-effective as well as looking stylish with a luxury and individual look.

As the name suggests, these blinds combine the benefits of two types of blind – Venetian and roller types, to offer you a hybrid product that is super adaptable to different situations.

So, in the winter they can help trap heat inside, and in the summer they can prevent heat from passing through – all from the same blind – now that is some very clever technology.