Window Tinting Newport

Designed for a wide range of purposes, window tinting is an increasingly popular window treatment. We offer high-quality tints across Newport and South Wales. Our high-quality tints can bolster the security and privacy of your home for affordable prices. They are also an environmentally sustainable option that will reduce your energy costs. For more information on our range of window tints, contact us on 0800 037 7368.

windows being put up

How Does It Work?

The process involves applying a thin layer of material over the existing glazing to create a tint that will amplify the interior of your home. The tint will be applied by our team of professionals for a seamless and sophisticated look. Their aesthetic value and functionality is unparalleled.

There are three types of window tint:

  • Decorative – as the name suggests, this tint is designed to synergise with existing décor and add aesthetic individuality to your home.
  • Solar – solar tints are ideal for eco-conscious homeowners. It is unrivalled at absorbing UV rays and regulating the temperature of your home.
  • Security – these tints will reduce shattering and maintain the integrity of your window if damaged. It is thicker and more robust than other forms of tint.

There are other types, but these are the most popular. Contact us today to find a window tint to suit your personalised needs.

The Benefits Of Window Tinting

Improved Privacy – The added privacy a window tint provide is immeasurable. It will prevent unwanted eyes prying into your home during the day, without obscuring your view with a gaudy curtain or blind. This is particularly valuable if you live on a busy street. A window tint means you never have to compromise on light filtration or privacy.

Extra Security – Tints add an extra layer that reinforce your windows and makes them harder to break. Even if they were to shatter under force or extreme weather conditions, the glass will be kept in one place. This means your window will be easier to repair. The increased durability also makes your home safer for young children and pets, as they are less likely to accidentally damage the windows.

Increased Energy Efficiency – Window tints provide an excellent source of insulation to keep the temperature of your home stable, regardless of the season. This means you will save money on your energy bill, which is beneficial for the environment. The reduction of UV rays will prevent your carpets and furnishings from suffering undue sun exposure, retaining their shiny appearance for longer. Your skin will also appreciate the kindness.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can, as tinted windows offer a plethora of benefits that may be appealing to an aspiring homeowner.

Depending on quality and maintenance, window tints can last up to ten years. Exposure to sunlight, installation and brand all influence their lifespan.

Wherever possible, it will be installed on the interior. This is to aid privacy and improve the longevity of your product. For more information, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.