Perfect Fit Blinds

The unique range of perfect fit blinds available from A1 Blinds and Curtains means being able to fully control your privacy and the amount of light that you let in through your windows whilst still affording a great deal of style. Ideal for conservatories, bathrooms and downstairs toilets, these blinds provide you with an incredible amount of control. This is because they are made-to-measure in such a way that the whole of the glazing is fully covered by the material. As such, it is impossible to see through one when it has been dropped.
perfect purple blinds in a living room

The Ultimate in Style and Design

At A1 Blinds and Curtains, our unique range of perfect fit blinds stands out from the crowd because of the degree of choice that is available. Modern looking, the ultimate in style and design is on offer within the range. These chic products fit seamlessly into a stylish frame which sits on to the window frame. Therefore, they are able to be moved together with your windows when they are opened and closed for ventilation.

What’s even better is that these blinds can also be fitted to glazed doorways, such as French doors and conservatory doors. This means that you can continue to control your privacy even if you choose to have your windows open and restrict the amount of sunlight coming into your home even when your exterior doors are ajar. No wonder they are referred to as perfect fit!

The Key Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

As well as operating with a high degree of control, our perfect fit blinds are able to mark out a conservatory or patio doors with a great deal more character than other window treatments. We have fitted them in a variety of settings all over South Wales and the South West of England – each time providing a level of sophistication in the overall look of the glazing.

Helpfully, the unique range is offered in different colours to suit all room styles. Just ask our home design team for samples to get an idea of how they can benefit you. Remember that perfect fit blinds have their own frame and this means your window and door frames don’t need to be screwed into to mount the blinds. Making them relatively fuss-free to install, this lack of drilling also means that your frames’ warranties will remain intact.