Vertical Blinds

One of the most versatile sort of window treatment you could choose, at A1 Blinds and Curtains, our range of vertical blinds is second-to-none. Whether you are seeking a bespoke individual service which means you’ll obtain the perfect window covering for your patio doors, picture windows or conservatory, we can help you to select the right made-to-measure vertical blinds for your home.

Perola stone custom blinds in a bedroom

We’ve got You Covered

As well as our friendly home design team, we offer a full consultation service for business owners who would like vertical blinds for their external windows. In many modern offices, of course, vertical blinds offer a versatile and convenient way of keeping internal partitions private, such as for shutting off a meeting room or boardroom. Whatever the need you have for a set of stylish but utterly practical vertical blinds, our expert knowledge is here to assist your purchasing decision.

Practical Considerations

Ideal for offices and other sorts of business premises, such as shops and restaurants, our vertical blinds are low maintenance and require very little to keep them clean and looking as good in the years to come as they do when first fitted. We use flame retardant fabrics which is an important consideration for both business managers and homeowners alike. You can opt for bright colours which will fit in with any interior design concept you have, for example, to match your corporate branding. However, we also offer a choice of exotic grass styles and other natural effects for a set of blinds which will look good in any situation.

Versatility and Style

Thanks to the wide range of vertical blinds on offer from A1 Blinds and Curtains, we can offer a solution to whichever sort of glazing you need a covering for. For example, we specialise in blackout vertical blinds – the ideal thing for a bedroom setting where you want to diminish the amount of light that comes in first thing in the morning. They are as equally suited to south-facing sliding or bi-folding patio doors where you may wish to prevent overheating from bright sunlight in summer.

With all of the child safety elements taken into consideration, we can also offer vertical blinds on curved railing systems as well as a choice of slats. Our vertical blinds are carefully made in a choice of 89 or 127-mm widths, depending on your preference.