Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are the ideal solution for hard to reach windows. Relax and sit back, while operating your blind with the touch of a button. We sell an extensive range of beautiful motorised blinds to suit your home interior. Motorised blinds offer the same style and functionality as manually operated blinds, with the added advantage of motorised operation. Motorised blinds are perfect for blinds fitted in hard to reach places, either high up or behind furniture. In addition, motorised blinds are an excellent choice for people with mobility issues.
motorised blinds in a loft

Different powering options

Motorised Blinds are available with various powering options including hard-wired, rechargeable battery, and battery wand powered.

Hard Wired

Hard wired motorised blinds are wired into the main electricity supply. Additionally, there is the option to have a plug installed to the powering unit so you can have control over when the unit is connected to the mains. Hard wired blinds are maintenance free.

Battery Wand Powered

The battery wand option consists of a tube within the unit that holds 8 x AA batteries. The batteries should last around 9-12 months, therefore, this option is low maintenance.

Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable battery option consists of a lithium battery that is contained within the motor. It is extremely low maintenance as the battery should only need charging every 5-12 months. Charging is simple and easy, all you need to do is plug the charging lead into the unit and leave the battery to charge for approximately 10 -24 hours.

Professional Motorised Blind Fitting Service

We offer a professional motor blind fitting service throughout South Wales. All our blinds are made to measure and fitted by experienced blind fitters. As a result, your blinds will fit perfectly. To book a home consultation please contact us on 0800 037 7368.