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Things To Consider When Choosing Blinds

Choosing Blinds

With so many window blinds available to choose, knowing where to start when choosing blinds for your home can sometimes seem like an uphill task and not enjoyable. This can be particularly true if you do not already have an idea in mind about the style of blinds you want.

Here are ten tips to consider when it comes to choosing your window blinds, as well as some questions that can help guide your choice.

Choose A Budget For Your Blinds

First settle on a budget for your blinds that works for you and use it to guide your choices when it comes to deciding on your wants. If you need a little additional ‘wiggle room’, try to choose a top and bottom limit to help accommodate a particular design or style that you may have your heart set on.

Why Choose Blinds Over Curtains

Remember that a pair of blinds may look great, it is important to check whether they would be truly practical for the space they are going to occupy. So, you may find fabric blinds that look beautiful in a living room may quickly become dirty in the kitchen, where venetian blinds would be a more practical choice.

Always take time to verify your dimensions, understand which wall mountings are safe to use, and how easy it will be to access and manipulate your blinds once installed. And, if you are keen on a aesthetic, think about what may have to change in your room to accommodate your chosen design.

Visit A Showroom And Feel The Materials

While it is helpful to be able to browse a wide choice of roman blinds, seeing how the fabric looks in person can be helpful in making your final choice, particularly if you are ordering made to measure blinds.

Blinds For Certain Light Conditions

Depending on where your room is located, your blinds will potentially have to manage the amount of light your home is exposed to. In the UK, south facing rooms will enjoy the most light in the house, but if your view is blocked by trees, hills or other barriers, it is important to choose blinds that make the most of the light you have available, such as roman blinds which can be opened fully yet provide an attractive way to dress your windows.

What Are The Best Blind Styles

Depending on your personal taste, style can be just as important as functionality. Take some time to think about how the blinds may impact the room when drawn. For example, do you want to get a ‘statement’ item such as wooden venetian blinds or do you prefer an item that can blend into the background, like roller blinds? Try to think about how your blinds work in the context of the room.

Choosing Blinds For Safety

When it comes to installing anything new in your home, it is vital to determine if there is any potential risk of injury or harm. Although they are harmless if handled with care, some blinds can be a choking hazard for small children or animals, particularly if control mechanisms are not secured correctly. Therefore, it may be best to consider a blind with fewer choking hazards or moving parts, such as roller blinds with a spring control rather than a chain.

Blind Maintenance

It is also important to remember that some types of blinds, such as vertical blinds, have moving parts like slats or strings that may eventually need to be replaced to avoid wear-and-tear. It is also worth thinking about how you will clean your blinds – for minimal effort something like a venetian blind that can be easily wiped clean may be the most suitable choice.

Can Your Blinds Handle Heavy Use?

If your blinds are going to be repeatedly opened and closed throughout the day – in a home office, studio, or in order to access a window or thoroughfare – it is worth checking the lifespan of the item and its specific durability.

What Blind Materials Are Available

A choice for many, deciding on materials that match the design of your home is important. Natural materials like wood can help bring warmth to a room, but often prove to be a little more expensive than plastics and artificial fibres, however there will always be a sliding scale of materials to help find one that is right for you.

What Colour Blinds Are Best

It is important to make sure that your chosen blinds match your room’s unified scheme. Take the time to see what style would work best, whether it is a striking natural choice or more muted colours that blend into the background of the room.

Bespoke Blinds For Your Home Or Office

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