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The Best Curtain Care Tips

Curtain Care Tips

Curtains aren’t just a mere piece of fabric that is hung around the home for a little bit of style. They are important textile items that provide shade, privacy and separate our home from the prying eyes outsides. There are different types of materials and textures to use as curtains or fabric blinds, but the fact still remains is that they require extreme care. Read on our top curtain care tips that you simply must try out.

Sun Protection And Dust Care For Curtains

Despite what material you use, sunlight can play a huge role in damaging the curtain or blind fabrics after prolonged use. Always make sure you use lined curtains instead to increase their fabric life. Also, just as you regularly dust your home, trying vacuuming or gently shaking the curtains to keep them free from saturating dust.

Why Wash Your Curtains

Washing curtains can be tricky as it depends on the material, colour and any other extra embellishments. Always read the fabric label before putting the curtains in the washing machine. In case you have any doubts, try taking a small part of the curtain and using the machine detergent to see if it damages the fabric, dulls the colour or shrinks the cloth. And after proper wash, make sure you air dry the curtains away from direct sunlight.

How To Handle Lace And Sheer Curtains

Lace and sheer curtains require an extra precaution whenever you plan on washing them. Always tumble dry lace curtain fabrics to remove them from dust and then similar to sheer curtains, hand-wash the fabrics to avoid any damage to the delicate fabric.

How To Maintain Curtain Pleats

Keeping up well-defined pleats on curtains can be hard, especially after they have overgrown the new look phase. Make sure you wash them properly as per the fabric instructions to keep them looking fresh and iron them using the reverse side. Spritz lightly with water and take care to not rip the stitching as you carefully iron them. Check for embellishments, lace or sheer fabric as they require extra care when pressing.

We know that caring for the largest piece of fabric in your home can’t be easy, so hopefully, you are now ready to clean your curtains like a pro!

The Complete Curtain Service

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