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Window Roller Blinds Or Window Curtains

Window Roller Blinds Or Window Curtains

You maybe a new homeowner or someone who is looking to find the best way to create their dream home interior, you may find yourself asking the question – roller blinds or curtains? We have a few thoughts below to help you with this vital decsision.

Window Curtains Set The Mood

Roller blinds are a more simple alternative but have a huge of colours, textures and patterns to help spice up your room and interior. Adding a slightly Scandinavian look to your room might be the way forward for you. However, if you are looking for a more soft feel to your room, curtains may be the more practical alternative. Through a range of styles and fabrics, curtains can add that more traditional look to your home interior.

Headings With Curtain Tape And Pole Pocket

The more traditional way to have curtains is through curtain tape and a pole pocket. This is also one of the most popular way to have curtains set up. The are now many other ways to diversify from this technique to add a different feel and style to your home.

What Are Eyelet Headings

For the more “contemporary” look, the eyelet headings have metal eyelets across the top and there are lose folds, completing the décor for your home.

Tab Top Heading Curtains In Newport

A contemporary look which has the ability to work extremely well when done in the right way. A more casual look to the room for those who don’t like wacky and wonderful décor.

Window Roller Blinds Newport

Roller blinds have a number of benefits to interior design and practicality in your home. Whilst taking up minimal space and allowing little light in when shut, they do the job they are there to do. A fantastic choice for someone who is deciding what style to have in their bedroom.

Curtain And Blind Maintenance Near Me

Whilst most people do not think it is important to maintain blinds and curtains, those who do my not be aware of how to do so properly. Here’s how. Wiping the fabric downwards with a damp and clean cloth is the best way to clean roller blinds, they can also be vacuumed with a soft brush or hand cleaner.

Looking after those curtains can be slightly more difficult… Shaking them when closed before vacuuming in the same way as roller blinds. That is the most recommended way to maintain and clean them. Contact us for more information on any of the advice we have given.

A1 Blinds and Curtains offers a wide range of stunning blinds. We take a timeless mechanism and tailor it to your individual domestic as well as commercial needs. Our bespoke roller blind ranges rely on a variety of high-quality materials, specially curated to match any interior at home or at the office and to impart atmosphere and presence.

From urban designs to blackout fabrics and high-quality textile, metal, or wood base materials, A1 Blinds and Curtains has an impressive range of blind options. You can also customise any design with scallops, eyelets, braids, or other elements to your liking. Our home design team is at your service and will turn your vision into reality.

Choosing Between Blinds And Curtains

Choosing Between Blinds And Curtains

Just like a bit of decorating or a brand-new sofa, choosing curtains or blinds can make a significant change in any room, but the decision is often overlooked and left until the very last minute. Perhaps you have built an extension on your home and are wondering whether to invest in a pair of blinds or curtains for the windows? Or perhaps you have finished renovating your property to let it out, and are considering both options?

With a huge selection of patterns and colours to choose from, it is often very difficult to decide. How you dress the windows can completely change the feel of a room, so it is essential that you get it right and save on expense.

The Window Blind

Venetian blinds have become more popular in recent years because they look much sleeker than curtains. They are often seen as being more seamless or efficient, and blinds in every room grant the exterior of the house a cohesive, clean and outward look.

Roller blinds have also risen to prominence too, as they are much more practical and no-fuss solution to curtains. Aside from personal taste, many factors can determine whether curtains or blinds will work better in your home’s.

Choosing Blinds For A Room

Blinds are favourable in a room that requires a lot of privacy such as a bathroom or downstairs bedroom, because they can be drawn and offer total privacy. Bathrooms also tend to be moisture-heavy and blinds are a much better option to prevent the growth of damp and mould and easier to clean.

Blinds are better for bedrooms where it is necessary to control the amount of light that comes into the room, providing effective light control. Black out roller blinds are often essential in the summer months, when the sun rises as early as 4am and sets as late as 11pm.

Getting The Decor Just Right

The decor of a room is important too when determining whether to choose blinds or curtains; whether you choose blinds or curtains, this will completely alter the feel of the room. Curtains tend to fit into more traditional rooms, yet blinds are opted for in an equal amount of modern homes and the more traditional setting.

Easy To Clean Blinds

Blinds do not gather dust in the same way that curtains do. Our blinds here at A1 Blinds and Curtains generally need a wipe down with a damp cloth every few weeks if you begin to see a build-up of dust, whereas curtains often need to be put through a dry-cleaning service – which can be costly.

Are Curtains A Modern Choice

Curtains are seen nowadays as a slightly old fashioned and dated option. They also take up more space in the room, making it feel smaller and cramped. A plain coloured blind to fit with the colour scheme of your room can endure the test of time, ensuring that your room stays current.

Window Dressing Ideas

If you are struggling to decide between the two, why not have both? The combination of blinds and a curtain can give the room a decadent and luxurious feel. This window dressing technique is often reserved for more lavish rooms such as the living room, bedroom or dining room where warmth is desired.

If you live in South Wales or the South West of England, and you would like a complimentary home visit, then please feel free to contact us. We offer a free on-site measuring service, coupled with interior design advice, to ensure that your selection suits your home and your personal tastes. We extend our services to both domestic and commercial properties, and we appreciate your interest and your business.

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