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How To Make Blinds Child Friendly

How To Make Blinds Child Friendly

This blog is to reiterate just how important it is to make sure that the blinds in your home are not causing a hazard and are as safe as possible. This is no ordinary boring health and safety guide, there are a few suggestions for parents on how to make your blinds child friendly.

What Do Blinds Have To Do With Child Safety?

We are sure we are all aware that the little rascals can get into trouble with whatever they can find! So, anything accessible that could be a danger to children should be removed. In the past it has been anything from dangling cords and operating chains that have resulted in the trapping of a child!

Luckily, due to new regulations and guidelines, these are less of an issue now. Not if the kids have anything to do about it though! There are still several things you can do to help prevent any accidents from happening.

Keep Climbable Furniture Away From The Window

Starting with the basics, if your children can’t climb on anything to get to the cords and chains, they are less likely to hurt themselves. So, try and prevent this as much as possible. Avoid placing furniture or cots and beds ear the windows so they are less at risk of this.

Use the Child Safety Devices Provided With Blinds

There are devices which ensure cords are kept out the way and there are also some built-in devices that restrain any unnecessary pressure on blinds so they lock. These safety devices are in place to reduce the risk even further to protect those little ones from any accidents.

As well as child safety, roller-blind safety devices are also good for pets, remember, even if these don’t apply to you, they may apply to visiting guests.

Cordless Blinds Near Me

Considering cordless blinds for certain rooms in your house for the specific rooms which children are more likely to be in is an option to think about. Although all blinds can be made child friendly, and here at A1 Blinds we ensure all our blinds are child friendly, cordless blinds are a safer alternative.

Newport Child Friendly Blinds

At A1 Blinds we have a range of blinds and curtains to cater for any room, whilst also looking after the little ones. For more safety tips or information call us now or visit our website.

Conservatory Decoration Tips Newport

Conservatory Decoration Tips Newport

Conservatories can often feel cold and unwelcoming, with hard floors and being very open to the outside, it can be hard to get comfortable. When the weather is a bit colder, it is important to make it a space that you don’t want to leave. Read A1 Blinds & Curtains’ top tips to find out how this can be achieved.

Cosy Paint Colours Newport

Warm colours bring visual heat to a room which also gives the cosy feel that’s desired. Experiment with red undertones or bold mustard yellows to see what works best for you. Try to avoid blues, purples and some shades of green as they can quickly take warmth away from the space.

Your blinds have an impact on the warmth of your conservatory as when the light is shining through them, the colour is projected into the room. Yellow, white or orange blinds tend to give the room a sunset hour look that projects comfort.

Heat Trapping Blinds Newport

Here at A1 Blinds & Curtains, we provide Roman Blinds which are a great way to trap heat into a conservatory due to their layers and lined fabric. The way they fold gives them a soft look and having the blind in a simple pattern or a warm, staple shade allows them to bring the room together.

We provide Perfect Fit Blinds which would be perfect for conservatories as if you’d like to block the light out completely, you can as they are fit snug to the window frame. Call us today on 0800 037 7368 for more information on this.

Best Conservatory Blind Designs Newport

All style of blinds come with different features that suit people differently so choosing the best blinds in terms of look is up to you. But for practicality or energy saving, we would recommend either the Roman or Venetian Blinds. Roman Blinds are best if you’re in colder environments as they trap heat, therefore saving you energy. Venetian Blinds would work best if your home tends to keep heat well as they don’t offer the best insulation but do add visual warmth to a room.

Newport Conservatory Decorations

We provide a wide range of patterns for your blinds and curtains so why not base your rooms decorations on the colours you choose to dress you windows in. This could be any anything from cushions to vases or even little touches like ornaments.

To bring in the comfy/warm theme you could pile a sofa with a range of coloured pillows that go with your blinds, for example if you choose a red and orange pattern then find similar shades of pillow covers to bring warmth and cosiness!

Conservatory Redecoration Newport

If it’s past the point of a few cushions and a lick of paint being the solution, it may be that you need to completely revamp and redecorate your conservatory. One way to keep the heat in would be by replacing your windows. When you do this, also consider what they will be dressed in. For the best quality blinds and curtains, come to us at A1 Blinds & Curtains and we’ll provide you with a free quote and amazing service.

A1 Blinds & Curtains Newport

We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and fitting them all at a competitive price so be sure to call A1 Blinds & Curtains today on 0800 037 7368. A member of our team would be happy to speak to you about anything you are unsure on.

Things To Consider When Choosing Blinds

Things To Consider When Choosing Blinds

With so many window blinds available to choose, knowing where to start when choosing blinds for your home can sometimes seem like an uphill task and not enjoyable. This can be particularly true if you do not already have an idea in mind about the style of blinds you want.

Here are ten tips to consider when it comes to choosing your window blinds, as well as some questions that can help guide your choice.

Choose A Budget For Your Blinds

First settle on a budget for your blinds that works for you and use it to guide your choices when it comes to deciding on your wants. If you need a little additional ‘wiggle room’, try to choose a top and bottom limit to help accommodate a particular design or style that you may have your heart set on.

Why Choose Blinds Over Curtains

Remember that a pair of blinds may look great, it is important to check whether they would be truly practical for the space they are going to occupy. So, you may find fabric blinds that look beautiful in a living room may quickly become dirty in the kitchen, where venetian blinds would be a more practical choice.

Always take time to verify your dimensions, understand which wall mountings are safe to use, and how easy it will be to access and manipulate your blinds once installed. And, if you are keen on a aesthetic, think about what may have to change in your room to accommodate your chosen design.

Visit A Showroom And Feel The Materials

While it is helpful to be able to browse a wide choice of roman blinds, seeing how the fabric looks in person can be helpful in making your final choice, particularly if you are ordering made to measure blinds.

Blinds For Certain Light Conditions

Depending on where your room is located, your blinds will potentially have to manage the amount of light your home is exposed to. In the UK, south facing rooms will enjoy the most light in the house, but if your view is blocked by trees, hills or other barriers, it is important to choose blinds that make the most of the light you have available, such as roman blinds which can be opened fully yet provide an attractive way to dress your windows.

What Are The Best Blind Styles

Depending on your personal taste, style can be just as important as functionality. Take some time to think about how the blinds may impact the room when drawn. For example, do you want to get a ‘statement’ item such as wooden venetian blinds or do you prefer an item that can blend into the background, like roller blinds? Try to think about how your blinds work in the context of the room.

Choosing Blinds For Safety

When it comes to installing anything new in your home, it is vital to determine if there is any potential risk of injury or harm. Although they are harmless if handled with care, some blinds can be a choking hazard for small children or animals, particularly if control mechanisms are not secured correctly. Therefore, it may be best to consider a blind with fewer choking hazards or moving parts, such as roller blinds with a spring control rather than a chain.

Blind Maintenance

It is also important to remember that some types of blinds, such as vertical blinds, have moving parts like slats or strings that may eventually need to be replaced to avoid wear-and-tear. It is also worth thinking about how you will clean your blinds – for minimal effort something like a venetian blind that can be easily wiped clean may be the most suitable choice.

Can Your Blinds Handle Heavy Use?

If your blinds are going to be repeatedly opened and closed throughout the day – in a home office, studio, or in order to access a window or thoroughfare – it is worth checking the lifespan of the item and its specific durability.

What Blind Materials Are Available

A choice for many, deciding on materials that match the design of your home is important. Natural materials like wood can help bring warmth to a room, but often prove to be a little more expensive than plastics and artificial fibres, however there will always be a sliding scale of materials to help find one that is right for you.

What Colour Blinds Are Best

It is important to make sure that your chosen blinds match your room’s unified scheme. Take the time to see what style would work best, whether it is a striking natural choice or more muted colours that blend into the background of the room.

Bespoke Blinds For Your Home Or Office

For the latest in designer blinds, shutters and curtains, look no further than A1 Blinds and Curtains – Call 0800 0377368.

Choosing Roller Blinds

Choosing Roller Blinds

When designing your perfect home and room, no detail should be left. Every aspect of the room design must be taken into consideration with style, colours and practicality being paramount. Roller blinds are the easier things to change in a room to assist a style or theme you may be going for. But would you choose roller blinds over curtains? What are the main benefits of choosing roller blinds?

How practical are roller blinds? Do they need a lot of maintenance? How hard are they to install into my own home?

Choosing Curtains Over Blinds

There are certainly big disadvantages to curtains that roller blinds do not suffer from. And in some cases, curtains just don’t fit the aesthetic of that room, where the more fitting choice is a properly measured and fitted roller blind. The size of a room and window can also play a factor in your buying decision in whether you use roller blinds or curtains.

Curtains can make a room feel smaller than it is, this is because of their bigger and bulkier design. Many people opt for roller blinds because they offer a space efficiency solution.

For people who have children or are planning on having little ones, longer curtains can be an issue. With the curtain being in reach of younger children this can lead to excessive cleaning required. This also affects people who own animals such as cats and dogs.

Curtains also tend to be more expensive to install, maintain and keep lean in comparison to blinds.

Are Roller Blinds Practical?

Roller blinds are a more space-efficient way of covering your windows. This benefits people who either have a lot of windows in their home or don’t have as much room and want to make the most of what they have. For people who have a lot of windows in one room, curtains can feel overwhelming sometimes and make the room feel more claustrophobic.

There are also health benefits to installing blinds in comparison to roller blinds. One major benefit is that roller blinds don’t collect dust, unlike curtains. Which makes cleaning the window area easier. This is good for your health because dust can cause irritation and issues with your eyes, lungs and skin.

Another benefit of having blinds is that they tend to be less expensive than curtains (depending on manufacturer). This helps people who want to renovate their homes but don’t have a large budget. Also, for little cost, blinds do make a big impact on a room’s aesthetic.

Maintenance Free Roller Blinds

With the modern design of the roller blind, maintenance has been made to become an irregular occurrence. If the blinds are fitted properly when first installed, then the blinds won’t wobble or rattle as they are being extended. If the blinds do need a bit of attention it will most likely be that a screw needs fastening down again, nothing complicated.

How Easy It Is To Install Roller Blinds?

The simple answer to that question is very easy. With only 2 fixture brackets and some screws, you could have your blinds up in no less than 10 minutes. Installing blinds could not be any simpler and is perfect for someone who is new to doing D.I.Y work.

No specialised tools are required for this blind installation. Only a screwdriver, a pencil, a tape measure and a drill.

Roller Blinds South Wales

We hope you found this information helpful, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 0377368 for more information.

Choosing The Best Commercial Blinds

Choosing The Best Commercial Blinds

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best commercial blinds for the office is its functionality. Depending on the ambiance and the environment that you want to create in your office and the office, vibrant colours are never a great choice. The safest bets are the timeless corporate colours and neutral schemes of colours.

However, the choice of the best commercial blinds for your office and business will be totally based on what you intend to achieve by installing them. There are a lot of ways in which the commercial blinds if chosen well, help improve productivity in the workplace:

Commercial Blinds To Reduce Glare

Imagine you’re in the office and the sun glare gets through to you and your monitor, your capacity at work will be significantly affected negatively. The perfect solution to go for is the installation of commercial blinds. Squinting at the PC screen or contorting the body won’t be necessary anymore once you have the blinds in place. They also lower the eyestrain significantly ensuring that employees don’t get tired as before.

Energy Saving Commercial Blinds

Without proper covering for the windows at the office, there can be a lot of heat gain which is uncontrollable. As a result, the system of air-conditioning must work much harder in order to ensure the office remains a place where employees can stay. With commercial blinds on the windows, the daylighting design of the office won’t be affected negatively but positively. The use of the daylight in the workplace will remain usable by the office in a better way.

Blinds For Thermal Comfort

Commercial blinds are designed to ensure the workplace has a comfortable temperature at which the staff will feel more comfortable working. The blinds can be made to reflect the heat from the sun. This way, the employees can fine-tune the coolness of the office without having to necessarily have to rely all the time on the air-conditioning system. If the temperature of the office remains comfortable, the employee will be more focused on their work improving their productivity.

Commercial Blinds South Wales

In offices where staff have their own windows and commercial blinds and awnings, unlike open-area offices, every person has the option to control the blinds however they may want. This is great because every person has their unique preference of comfortable light. Therefore, they can adjust blinds to suit them.

Commercial Blinds To Limit Sun Exposure

We all enjoy the sunshine on our skin. However, if the exposure to the sunlight is for long periods, it may do worse to us than good. This will impact negatively on the health of the office workers. The commercial blinds help in preventing overexposure in the sunlight. Hence, the productivity and health of the employees will be maintained.

Talk to us about your office and commercial blinds and awnings. Call us on 0800 0377368

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