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How To Make Blinds Child Friendly

Installing Blinds Safely

This blog is to reiterate just how important it is to make sure that the blinds in your home are not causing a hazard and are as safe as possible. This is no ordinary boring health and safety guide, there are a few suggestions for parents on how to make your blinds child friendly.

What Do Blinds Have To Do With Child Safety?

We are sure we are all aware that the little rascals can get into trouble with whatever they can find! So, anything accessible that could be a danger to children should be removed. In the past it has been anything from dangling cords and operating chains that have resulted in the trapping of a child!

Luckily, due to new regulations and guidelines, these are less of an issue now. Not if the kids have anything to do about it though! There are still several things you can do to help prevent any accidents from happening.

Keep Climbable Furniture Away From The Window

Starting with the basics, if your children can’t climb on anything to get to the cords and chains, they are less likely to hurt themselves. So, try and prevent this as much as possible. Avoid placing furniture or cots and beds ear the windows so they are less at risk of this.

Use the Child Safety Devices Provided With Blinds

There are devices which ensure cords are kept out the way and there are also some built-in devices that restrain any unnecessary pressure on blinds so they lock. These safety devices are in place to reduce the risk even further to protect those little ones from any accidents.

As well as child safety, roller-blind safety devices are also good for pets, remember, even if these don’t apply to you, they may apply to visiting guests.

Cordless Blinds Near Me

Considering cordless blinds for certain rooms in your house for the specific rooms which children are more likely to be in is an option to think about. Although all blinds can be made child friendly, and here at A1 Blinds we ensure all our blinds are child friendly, cordless blinds are a safer alternative.

Newport Child Friendly Blinds

At A1 Blinds we have a range of blinds and curtains to cater for any room, whilst also looking after the little ones. For more safety tips or information call us now or visit our website.