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How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Home

close up of horizontal blinds in a room

We know that there are many types of blinds that you can choose for your home. But some of the pointers that may influence your decision are the costs of the blinds, the colours that are available, the window space you want covering and simply what you would prefer. Below are some of the more common types of window blinds that are available.

What Are Vertical Blinds

These are very best window blinds for large window spaces that go way down to the floor. Also, if you have a sliding patio door, this would be a perfect choice.

The Pros Of Vertical Blinds

They are very easy to keep clean.
They make the window appear much larger due to their full-length height – floor to ceiling.
It is possible to replace part of a blind if it gets torn without having to replace the entire vertical blind.
They are easy to use since they can be opened partially to give access to the door or window.
They are available in different heights and lengths.

Cons Of Using Vertical Blinds

in some case they make a lot of noise when opening, closing or blown around by the wind.
The gaps on the blinds make it not appropriate for private rooms or light pollution.
The constant usage and swinging can make them wear and tear quicker.

What Are Wooden Blinds

They are very stylish and architectural window blinds. They can be vastly different prices depending on the design, quality and how large the blind needed.

The Pros Of Wooden Blinds

They increase the sense of style to a possibly dull room.
They come in a variety of different colours, sizes, and finishes. Meaning you have a broad range of choices to make.
They are flexible as they can be opened and closed even halfway.

Possible Cons Of Wooden Blinds

They can be very heavy hence they cannot be installed on large windows as it would be an effort to open and close.
The wooden vanes are quite big therefore when opened it results in a large stuck at the top of the window.
The darker shades of these blinds tend to show dust more quickly.

Why Choose Roller Blinds

These are very common in modern houses nowadays, and also, they add to the aesthetics of any home. You need to take your time and effort though when selecting these so that you can make the right decision.

The Pros Of Installing Roller Blinds

They are very easy to raise or lower.
They come in a huge range of colours, materials, designs, styles and textures.
They are very easy to install for the first time.
They are easy to clean as you do not even have to remove them, just wipe with a damp cloth where they are hanging.

Possible Cons Of Roller Blinds

Sometimes they are not the best choice to go for if you want to maintain that old look in your home.
Some materials can be hard to clean.

Why Choose Aluminium Blinds

Generally, these are cheap and can be very stylish to have in your home. There are a lot of designs to choose from.

Pros of Aluminium Window Blinds

They come in vast range of different sizes and colours.
The vanes rest neatly together at the top hence enough light gets into your room or space.
They are very durable and hard wearing.

Cons Of Choosing Aluminium Blinds

They can get very noisy when opening, closing or if blown by the wind.
The thinner vanes tend to get creased; hence they can be easily damaged and need repairing.

Choosing Roman Blinds

These have been around in our homes for a long time. They are at their best when you want to accomplish that ancient or classic look in your house. They come in many different styles and colours.

Pros Of Roman Blinds

They have a timeless and classic style that you may not get from the other types of blinds.
They offer softness and a soothing effect on the window.

Cons Of Choosing Roman Blinds

They can create a thick stuck up the window when drawn up reducing the view and the light that gets into your room.
You cannot open them partially; they are either up or down.

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