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5 Top Tips When Choosing Blinds

Choosing Window Blinds For The Home

With so many colour and material options available, knowing where to start when choosing window blinds for your home can sometimes seem like a monstrous task. This is particularly true if you have no idea in mind about the style, colour or material of window blinds you want. However, it doesn’t need to be that difficult.

How Much Should I Pay For Window Blinds

Settle on a budget for your window blinds that is sensible and use it to guide your choices when it comes to deciding. If you need a little additional ‘flexibility’, set an upper and lower threshold to help accommodate a particular design or style that you may have your heart set on.

Window Blinds For Different Lighting Conditions

Your blinds will potentially have to manage the amount of light your home is exposed to depending on the room of choice. Here in the UK, southern facing rooms will enjoy the most light in the home, but if your view is blocked by trees, hills or other natural barriers, it’s important to choose blinds that make the most of the light you have available, such as Roman Blinds which can be opened fully yet provide an attractive way to dress your windows.

What Are The Best Styles Of Window Blinds

Make sure you consider style as it can be just as important as functionality. Take time to think about how the blinds may impact the room when closed or down. Do you want to get a ‘statement’ item such as wooden Venetian blinds or do you prefer an item that can blend into the background and be more subtle, like roller blinds? Try to think about how your blinds work in the context of the room and the rest of your house.

What Materials Do Window Blinds Come In

The big choice for most apart from price is deciding on materials that match the design of your home and is essential. Natural materials like wood will bring warmth to any room, but often prove to be a little more expensive than plastics and artificial fibres, however there will always be a sliding scale of materials to help find one that’s right for you. Softer fabrics can help add a touch of elegance to a room, while wood, metal or plastic offer a streamlined and practical look.

What Colour Blinds Suits The Space Best

Finally, it’s really important to make sure that your choice of window blind matches your room’s colour scheme. Take the time to see what style would work best, whether it’s a striking natural choice or more muted colours that blend into the background of the room. Window dressings provide a fantastic opportunity to really change the look of a room and add a dash of personality, with everything from bold and vibrant patterns to subtle and elegant colour choices available.

Window Blinds Near Me

From urban designs to blackout fabrics and high-quality textile, metal, or wood base materials, A1 Blinds and Curtains has an impressive range of blind options. You can also customise any design with scallops, eyelets, braids, or other elements to your liking. Our home design team is at your service and will turn your vision into reality. Read on for a taste of our product range!